Pet Photography

Working with pets is highly rewarding, but it takes loads of patience and adaptability. We love pets and we love working with pets. As with our other shoots, we strive to make your experience as stress free as possible. As a dog dad to many a neurotic Corgi, believe me when I say that we can handle it all! Whether on location or in studio, we can make the experience fun for you and your pet.

Myrtle Beach's Premier Photographer for Pet Portraits

Pet Photography Tips and Questions
Pro Tip: Sunrise sessions for nervous dogs

Want a beach shoot, but your four legged friend is easily distracted? Try a sunrise session! Beautiful blood orange skies and so many fewer people than sunset

What if my dog is not feeling it? Did I just waste my money?

Hey, we all have days where we just aren't ready to deal with others. Why should our furry friends be any different? I am the only photographer (that I am aware of) on the Grand Strand who will rebook you 100% free of charge if we get on location and it's just not working out.

Do you work with other animals?

You betcha! While, most clients have dogs, I have experience working with all sorts of animals, from horses to snakes and even a prize winning cow. Note: If you have a prize winning cow, please bring your own poo bags. I learned that one the hard way!

I will not time box you!

Let's be real. The pets are the ones who will dictate how we go about our session. While most sessions are around 30 minutes, if the furry friend needs a break, they get to take a break. There are two important things that go into a successful pet session. Patience and adaptability. I never want a client to rush a client and I never want the pet to feel uncomfortable.

Can I be in the photos with my pet?

Of course! Most of my shoots include solo pets, as well as their 2 legged family members!

Post processing and editing

In addition to all typical photo editing, we will make best attempts to digitally remove all leashes and distractions from images. Please note this may not be possible for all images

Pet Session Investment

Each session is tailored around the pet and owners needs, but typically start out at $200 for a 30 minute(ish) session.